Our Story

Celebrating individual expression and the free spirit of Pinot Noir, Angels Ink wines are an artful reflection of stylized winemaking with a multicultural appreciation.

Why Angels Ink?

From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, wine was the key ingredient in the common writing ink pen. Wine made the coloring agents in ink more stable and was considered a purer solvent than water. The Magna Carta, in 1297, was written with it, Van Gogh drew with it, Da Vinci jotted notes with it, Bach composed with it. As for Hemmingway, he just drank the wine.

This tidbit of history is the inspiration of the name, but these boundary breakers, curiosity seekers, are part of the inspiration of our wine. Angels Ink is about expressing that creativity in every glass.

Angels Ink is a rich, juicy Pinot Noir from the Central Coast of California. It is a delicious, intriguing wine that we hope incites your curiosity.

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