Meet Denny Balmaceda

Angels Ink was created to celebrate curiosity seekers, boundary breakers, and igniting that spark within us all. For this month’s muse, we are excited to highlight the talented and fashionable Denny Balmaceda.

Photo Credit Denny Balmaceda

Denny is a fashion blogger and content creator who hails from Jersey City, New Jersey. He firmly believes in the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is temporary; fashion is a race. Style is independent of is storytelling. In 2007, way before #ootd and personal style Instagram accounts, Denny was the person bombarding your Facebook feed with pictures of his daily outfits. Since then, he has inspired over 90,000 global followers to dress confidently and be true to themselves via his blog and social media.

What is your definition of a creator?

To me, a creator is someone who creates something from their heart. When you make something you love and believe in it, then for me, that is a definition of a creator. 

Photo Credit Denny Balmaceda

What are your favorite ways to express your creativity?

My favorite way to express my creativity is to always go with my instincts. I’m not the one to hold back when it comes to sharing my work. I welcome criticisms, but ultimately, the final decision will always be mine. If I love it, I believe in it to be great work. I’m a Jack of all trades. I can shoot, style, edit videos, direct, and much more. I love expressing my creativity in all these forms. I always say that you should always share your work because you never know who is looking at it. Just stay true to yourself, and the rest will be history.

What is your ideal setting to drink Angels Ink?

My ideal setting to drink Angels Ink is right after a long day of work. Whether it’s in your kitchen, rooftop with friends, or just a solo time in your backyard is the way to go. 

Find more about Denny at or on his Instagram @denny623